Radical changes are coming to building energy regulations across the country. Local and state jurisdictions are taking steps to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases with cities such as New York, Washington, D.C. and Boston leading the charge. AKF has the knowledge and skills to keep you informed as changes are announced in New York and across the nation.

AKF is committed to reducing the environmental impact of all projects we work on as well as our internal operations required to deliver those services. Our approach starts with understanding each client’s goals for the project; through our Design Charrette process we directly involve our clients and project stakeholders early in the design to identify the environmental and energy goals so that the design can be crafted to meet them.  We use our knowledge and experience to connect high-performance engineering design with insights gained from real-world operations.

Our Energy + Performance team is dedicated to reducing environmental impacts of buildings. This expertise is brought to all AKF projects, assuring our client’s energy and sustainability goals are met. Our members serve on local and national Energy Code, Building Code, and Sustainable Design leadership committees, volunteering our time to share knowledge, spread best practices throughout our industry, and advocate for increased energy and sustainability within our built environment.

For our own operations, we have a policy to occupy LEED certified office space and to design our offices using low energy LED lighting systems, high performance tenant controls, and Energy Star office appliances.

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