AKF was founded in 1989 when three up-and-coming engineers dreamed of an engineering firm that wasn't confined by a traditional hierarchy but rather a place where everyone was willing to do what it took to get jobs done well for the client. Our founders believed that the entrepreneurial spirit could be fostered by eliminating traditional titles and focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. Those values have continued to this day.

AKF's Mission

We believe that by fostering a firm-wide culture of service and commitment to the needs and successes of one another, we ensure that our relationships with clients are informed by the same culture and values. We are collaborative, innovative, and client-focused, creating effective, efficient, and adaptable solutions, building enduring partnerships, and delivering life-cycle engineering services.

Our Core Values: The Guiding Light for All We Do

By following our Core Values of Integrity, Empowerment, and Internal Client, we can foster honesty, trust, reliability and commitment to everyone we come in contact with.

The AKF Timeline - Where We Started and Where We're Going