AKF’s 3D scanning capabilities enable conditions for all project areas to be accurately captured by our in-house specialists in a matter of a few hours. Scanning opportunities can include architectural layouts, above ceiling conditions, central plants, equipment rooms, service tunnels, roofs, and exteriors. These conditions can be delivered via complementary viewer as a registered point cloud with accompanying HDR imagery for use by all those involved in a project.

The scanned data captured by AKF’s equipment and our team will allow all project teams and stakeholders to virtually survey at any time using the associated point cloud and accompanying HDR imagery, reducing the need to return to the field and improving the accuracy with which existing scope is documented. The scanned point cloud data can be used by consultants to model their own existing conditions and to perform clash detection versus new work. Scanned imagery and data can be a supplement to facilities planning and maintenance. Scans can also be used for clients who need record of what is in their space for insurance purposes.

Using the point cloud, AKF can provide floor flatness reports compliant with ASTM E115 for use during design and construction.

In addition, AKF’s scan-to-Revit®️ capabilities can produce an as-built Revit®️ model of existing conditions to be used by project teams.

AKF is not the first company to offer scanning, but our engineering and built-environment experience sets our scan-to-Revit®️ work product apart to be one of the best. We have the ability to create a more accurate representation of existing conditions and incorporate intelligence into scan-to-Revit®️ models. For example, where others may just identify a 10” cylindrical element, we are able to differentiate that those data points are actually a 6” chilled water pipe with 2” of insulation. AKF also has the ability to model basic walls, structure, and other space elements to provide a complete representation of a scope. This capability allows AKF to produce quality 3D models for our clients to help with project documentation, facilities planning, maintenance, and positioning.

AKF can provide Scanning and scan-to-Revit®️ services independently of engineering services. However, on projects in which we are also the engineering consultant, by spending less time and fee capturing conditions, we are able to spend more time investing in the quality engineering required to consistently produce our best work and practice engineering leadership.