Helping Improve Client Performance

AKF Energy + Performance is driven by a desire to connect high-performance engineering with insights gained from real-world improvements in existing building performance. We believe that lessons gained from optimizing today’s building operations must inform tomorrow’s building designs, the frontiers of high performance building design can also be used to inspire the optimization of today’s buildings.  AKF Energy + Performance uses our experience in leading MEP Design Charrettes on all major new design and renovation projects.  These serve to educate the clients and full design team and assure our clients energy and carbon goals are met in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The clear concern from global warming have led to an increase in energy efficiency awareness and focus on the carbon impacts our buildings have. AKF is a leader in providing engineering services to reduce the environmental impact, energy and carbon use of buildings. Our capabilities include energy audits, sustainable engineering design, and a comprehensive range of analysis and modeling skills including daylight modeling, energy modeling, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. We provide engineering, design, and commissioning services for new and existing buildings, utilizing all sustainability rating systems at all levels of certification. AKF has extensive experience using local rebate programs and incentive programs to help minimize the cost associated with energy efficiency.

AKF is an industry leader in sustainable design and energy-efficient solutions for new and existing buildings. Our broad range of expertise includes the following:

  • Energy Modeling
  • Building Systems Concept Development
  • ASHRAE Levels I/II/III Energy Audits
  • LEED® BD+C, ID+C, O+M Certification from Certified to Platinum Ratings
  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Master Planning
  • Decarbonization Planning
  • On-site Energy Generation and Storage Evaluations
  • Rebate and Incentive Program Management
  • NYC Local Law 84/87 Compliance
  • NYC Local Law 97 Compliance Pathway Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Systems design & System Feasibility Studies
  • Real-time Energy Management (RTEM) Platform Implementation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
  • Measurements and Verification
  • WELL Building MEP Design
  • Living Building Design
  • Net Zero / Net Positive Energy Consultants and Designers
  • Approved NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant
  • Certified Passive House Designers (CPHD)
  • New Jersey Pay for Play Performance New Construction and Existing Building Approved Partner

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