As facilities expand their offerings to meet the ongoing needs of their clients and users, buildings and campuses need to be upgraded to support these changes. Whether existing building systems need to be upgraded, building additions require additional loads, or new buildings are developed that will rely on existing infrastructure, AKF’s Master Planning team can help make your facility ready for the future.

Master Plans allow your facility, campus, or building to maintain peak utilization through a long-term plan for upgrades, reallocations, and renovations. Master Plans are not only for large campuses or facilities, they can be utilized to help gauge efficiency in buildings with various footprints.

Master Planning helps the facility owner:

  • Reduce or optimize operational costs
  • Allow for long term flexibility in resources
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Create sustainable solutions
  • Incorporate resiliency
  • Allow for a clear plan for future growth and expansions

AKF’s Master Planning services can include:

  • Mechanical equipment review
  • Electrical equipment review
  • Plumbing equipment review
  • Fire protection systems review
  • Energy modeling of current systems
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Retro-commissioning services
  • Energy audits
  • Lifecycle analyses
  • Utilities infrastructure assessments
  • Preparations for the future