AKF “Start to Smart” services seeks to guide you through the lifecycle of your Smart Building project. We believe that the right integrated technology and automation can help empower people to create, cure, dream, build, and produce. Fully integrated smart building systems enhance the work and aspirations of those who occupy the spaces you are investing in.

What is Smart? It is a dynamic integration of multiple systems that enhances how we interact with a space or a building through the sharing of data and optimization of how disparate systems can relate. When harnessed, this data-based intelligence has been proven to:

  • Reduce energy usage
  • Increase employee engagement (productivity, collaboration, innovation)
  • Improve facility operations and maintenance
  • Optimize space management
  • Provide competitive positioning (attraction and retention)

AKF offers a unique, agnostic partnership designed to align, prioritize, and deliver on a Smart project’s needs and goals. Our process is designed to provide support through a project’s lifecycle, including:

  • Visioning and road-mapping
  • Strategy and business-case development
  • Development of a unique Smart Project/Building definition
  • Coordination of Smart documentation required of other project trades
  • Issuance of the Division 25 Integrated Automation Specification
  • Enterprise Platform and Master Systems Integrator selection assistance
  • Representation and facilitation through installation
  • Change management through roll-out to occupancy and use
  • Providing operational data support and analysis

The breadth of AKF’s experience and expertise results in a truly Start to Smart service. With 13 specialized in-house teams, including Building Controls, Lighting, IT/AV/ Security, and Fire Alarm, AKF is able to provide the technical insight and high level coordination required to make your Smart dreams a reality.