The rapid evolution of construction codes at the national and local levels presents a challenge for design professionals and owners undertaking new and existing building projects. As codes develop in response to advancements in building materials, methods, and systems, the importance of code compliance as a central aspect of project delivery is continually reinforced.

AKF’s code experts provide assistance with code review and regulatory approvals throughout the design and construction process to ensure that code compliance is achieved in all aspects of the project. From conceptual design to construction, our code consultants bring tremendous value to new and existing building projects. Our early involvement facilitates a holistic approach to the design process and helps to minimize surprises and delays during permitting and construction. By understanding the code implications of early concepts, designers and developers are able to weigh the benefits of various design options. As the design team works through the details of schematic design, design development, and construction documents, we conduct in-depth reviews of the architectural plans and help the design team resolve any code compliance concerns.

We understand the unique needs of each project and listen to the client’s goals and objectives. We can assist in developing feasible alternative designs where existing site constraints or existing conditions prohibit strict compliance with the prescriptive requirements of the code. In addition, our team can assist with negotiating special code approvals such as compliance alternatives and variances with the authority having jurisdiction.

  • Architectural Plan Review
  • Atrium Smoke Control Modeling
  • Code Advocacy at National, State, and Local Levels
  • Code Appeals and Variances
  • Code Upgrade Insurance Claim Reviews
  • Due Diligence Code Studies
  • Egress Modeling
  • Existing Building Evaluations
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
  • Fire and Smoke Modeling
  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Resistance Rating Analysis
  • Forensic Code Review
  • Life Safety Plans
  • Negotiation with Code Officials
  • Third Party Peer Review

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