State-of-the-art information technology is integral to every aspect of today’s buildings, not only connecting the structure’s constituencies with one another, but the organization, individuals, and groups with the rest of the world. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is vital for buildings to have the technological infrastructure to support future growth. AKF’s technology team works tirelessly to ensure that the spaces we design will allow our clients to meet their short and long-term needs.

Technology design services are an interwoven network of services. Our technology experts can perform services for Information Technology, Audio/Visual and Security systems. Our expertise includes the assessment, design, documentation, and construction oversight of technology infrastructure and mission critical systems, audiovisual and acoustic installations, security and first alert systems, telecommunication systems, and networks. AKF designs every aspect of IT solutions, including master planning, base building, and occupant technology systems, critical facilities, wired and wireless systems, and local and wide area networks. Our plans for voice, data, and video traffic account for the organization’s anticipated needs in the foreseeable future. We work both independently and in conjunction with AKF’s traditional engineering disciplines to design fully integrated solutions. Given the environmental and economic imperatives facing buildings and construction today, we emphasize systems that are environmentally responsible and highly cost-effective.

We are especially sensitive to expectations with respect to IT access, the need for more and more bandwidth, and safety and security concerns, all of which call for highly flexible and adaptable networks and systems.

Our services include:

  • Audio Visual Design and Consulting Services
  • DAS (Distributed Antenna System)
  • ICAM (Intelligent Connectivity / Asset Management)
  • IT Infrastructure Networking Design and Consulting
  • Security and Surveillance System Design
  • Wireless Networking Survey and Design
  • Data Center Engineering and Design