Brooklyn Navy Yard Dock 72

Commissioning Services

Brooklyn, NY

Located within the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, Dock 72 is a 16-story building that offers panoramic views of the city and the activity of the Navy Yard. The building is part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s massive $1 billion redevelopment and expansion. Built on top of dock pilings, AKF played a vital role in ensuring the safety and functionality of equipment. AKF’s Commissioning & Testing team led the project team through startup, pre-functional inspections, functional testing, integrated systems testing, and equipment acceptance. Additional services provided included an in-depth gap analysis for contractual obligations, full-time support for system troubleshooting, and life safety equipment analysis.

Dock 72 officially opened in October 2019 but construction is ongoing. AKF remains active in the project, commissioning the building’s core and shell primary energy equipment and associated systems. During design, the AKF Commissioning team provided design review, as well as commissioning specifications and plans.

AKF also provided Vibration Analysis Acceptance Testing and Critical Speed Analysis on all units operating on a variable frequency drive during post-occupancy. Acceptance testing was performed to confirm that each mechanical unit was installed and operating within the specifications of the manufacture and the design of the engineer. In addition, AKF performed a pull the plug test for the emergency power systems. Our Analysis & Testing team also identified there were no premature mechanical issues or bearing defects once the equipment is turned over after installation.

AKF will continue to offer support biannually through our Machine Analysis Program that assists the building engineers on their preventative maintenance schedules and addressing mechanical issues on a scheduled basis, as opposed to experiencing unforeseen catastrophic failures.

This project is a joint collaboration between Boston Properties, Rudin Development, and WeWork in conjunction with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation to cater to the rapidly emerging technology and creative industries in Brooklyn. Dock 72 features modern architecture and amenities while honoring Brooklyn’s maritime history.

Technical Statistics

SERVICES: Commissioning
ARCHITECT: S9 Architecture
Brooklyn Navy Yard Dock 72