Confidential Technology Client

New Data Center

Confidential Location, WA

AKF was part of the Electrical Design-Build team for the construction of a new data center for a confidential technology giant. The full build-out includes 10 computer rooms (CR) with 3.6 MW capacity per CR. The full build-out also includes the core operations building that will house office space, tape library, network rooms, a shop area, and electrical rooms for the central reserve UPS and generator systems.

The site power capacity is 41 MVA with primary power provided at 230 KV stepped down on site by the utility to 13.8 KV, which was the utilization voltage for the site distribution. The primary gear consisted of a 2N main-tie-tie-main MV switchgear and the A/B primary feeders were distributed to each computer room step-down transformer via local MV selector switches.

Each computer room consisted of a 2,500 KVA local step-down transformer backed-up by a 2000 KW generator and theses systems were all set up in a block redundant arrangement with access to a central reserve UPS and generator plant. The in-room UPS systems consisted of six 750 KVA UPS modules and local step-down transformers and power busway serving the critical loads in an A/B arrangement.

The reserve UPS system has the capacity of 2,400 KW which is distributed to each computer room to back-up the local UPS modules in the rooms for up to six systems of back-up UPS capacity. The generator reserve system consists of one 2,750 KW generator and another swing generator of 2,750 KW.

The power system in the facility was arranged to operate with all systems driven to be in synchronization with the utility and generators. This enables seamless transfer between the local UPS and generators to the reserve systems.

AKF implemented a system-wide Electrical Power Management System (EPMS) that can drill down to the rack-level power consumption with a real-time graphical representation of the full electrical system.

Technical Statistics

PROJECT SIZE: 210,000 SF Raised Floor Area / 270,000 SF Facility
INDUSTRIES: Critical Space
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