Brattle Group

Boston Office Relocation

Boston, MA

The Brattle Group is an international  economic and financial consulting firm, with 11 offices throughout the globe. To meet the expanding needs of the firm's Boston office, AKF was selected as part of the design team to create a new, vibrant office space.

Relocating from their existing office space in Cambridge to the iconic One Beacon Street Building in downtown Boston, The Brattle Group wanted an office that reflected their mantra of work hard and play hard. Design features for the 60,000 SF space, spread across the 26th and 27th floors, included a "green wall" of living plants, a game room with pool table, and integrated open and enclosed offices spaces that reflects the company culture.

Not only did AKF provide MEP / FP design engineering services for the 60,000 SF project, but also technology design and architectural code consulting for the space. The project provided challenges that the design team was excited to work through. Specifically, due to the multi-floor nature of the office footprint, the design included an interconnected stairway so employees could stay within the confines of the office while traveling floor to floor. This meant designing all MEP / FP systems around the stairway while still maintaining the aesthetics of the space. AKF worked closely with the architect to ensure continuity of design throughout both floors.

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