University of Pennsylvania

Quadrangle Condition Assessment & Feasibility Study

Philadelphia, PA

As part of the consultant team performing a Condition Assessment and Feasibility Analysis for programmatic and infrastructure updates at the University of Pennsylvania’s Quadrangle, AKF conducted facility condition interviews, walkthroughs, and surveys to examine existing MEP/FP infrastructure. The Quadrangle is a 500,000 SF undergraduate residential complex organized into 40 individual buildings that share interior circulation and a below-grade utility space.

Buildings were built in stages from the late 1890s to the early 1950s and were unified via comprehensive renovations, the most recent of which took place from 1999-2006. Student residence rooms consist of one, two, or three beds and a sink with ganged toilets occurring at regular intervals. Thirteen faculty apartments provide year-round living for University staff. Amenities include a servery with warming kitchen, four central laundry facilities, and common study/ lounge areas.

After reviewing our initial Condition Assessment findings with a wide range of University stakeholders, AKF proposed the following MEP/FP infrastructure upgrades:

• Replace 15 air handling units (AHUs) that are approaching the end of their normal lifespan with four-pipe systems, including glycol hot water preheat coils and chilled water cooling coils

• Provide new central plant equipment and distribution systems to serve the new four-pipe AHUs

• Recondition and replace the existing terminal heating/cooling equipment

• Replace double-ended substations to increase building resiliency and satisfy newer code requirements, including raising the substations to a higher floor of the building, improving working clearances, and providing two means of egress from each space

• Replace distribution panelboards that have exceeded their useful life

• Extend fire alarm coverage throughout the mechanical tunnels under the dormitories

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OWNER: University of Pennsylvania
PROJECT NAME: Quadrangle Condition Assessment & Feasibility Study
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