Climate Week NYC 2022

Happy Climate Week NYC! We are excited for the great line-up of events planned for the week to drive climate action. At AKF, we are committed to addressing climate change through our work, as exemplified by our commitment to the Carbon Leadership Forum's 2040 Challenge. We pledge to advocate for and achieve net zero carbon in our projects – operational carbon by 2030 and embodied carbon by 2040.

Our efforts also include the LL97 Carbon Emissions Calculator, a web-based tool we developed in response to the new building emissions legislation. The tool helps highlight and mitigate carbon by allowing users to input annual utility information and building characteristics, then generates emission thresholds and estimated penalties based on carbon standards.

Have a busy week and need help determining which events to check out? We recommend these events focused on sustainability within the built environment:

Wednesday, 9/21 - Corporate Blueprints for Supporting Local Climate Resilience

Thursday, 9/22 - The ABCs of Net Zero Real Estate: Strategies for Investors

Friday, 9/23 - Portfolio Decarbonization: Turning Ambition into Action