Boston Scientific - Global Headquarters (Marlborough, MA)

Boston Scientific is a global manufacturing company for medical devices and products. Boston Scientific rallies around their mission of “transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world”. To help them achieve this goal, AKF’s Architectural Code Consulting team performed a campus-wide Code Assessment to re-work their existing campus to enhance employee interaction and productivity.

The project included a code review of a gut renovation to the 49,000 SF second floor of Building 50 to accommodate a new office layout; and the construction of a new 4-story, 112,000 SF building.

AKF performed an existing building code compliance evaluation for Building 50. The team performed a review of existing conditions and proposed architectural drawings, and the preparation of an existing building narrative report addressing building, fire, life safety, and accessibility requirements. AKF worked closely with the design team to identify compliance thresholds for the existing building renovations.

In addition, AKF performed a new construction code compliance evaluation for Building 300. Our scope of work for Building 300 included a review of the proposed architectural drawings and preparation of a new construction code narrative report addressing building, fire, life safety, and accessibility requirements. AKF also prepared Life Safety/ Code Plans for both buildings including a comprehensive egress analysis. The new building, Building 300, included office space with training rooms, conference rooms, and a café. An enclosed pedestrian walkway was also designed, linking Building 300 to the existing Building 100.

Project Experts

Caitlyn Angelini Tall
Caitlyn Angelini, PE


Mariah Seaboldt
Mariah Seaboldt, PE

Technical Statistics

OWNER: Boston Scientific
PROJECT NAME: Global Headquarters
SERVICES: Code Consulting