Confidential Client

New E-commerce Facility

Long Island City, NY

In response to the rapid evolution of E-commerce and the push for ever quicker distribution channels, AKF is providing full MEP / FP services for a confidential client’s warehouse prototype. The four-story, 1.3 Million SF “warehouse on top of a warehouse” prototype will occupy a fifth of the footprint of similar suburban distribution centers and is designed to fit seamlessly into an urban core.

Long Island City’s central location within New York City’s boroughs make it ideal for a rapid-fulfillment E-commerce distribution center. However, as with much of New York City, the area is logistically constrained, creating difficulties for the project. The vertical warehouse solution allows major E-commerce companies to provide ever shorter delivery time frames for one of the largest markets in the United States.

The prototype allows for full-sized, 53-foot-long tractor trailers to operate on all four levels and will have high-speed freight elevators to expedite the flow of goods. AKF is providing full MEP / FP design services with an eye toward future proofing. As automation in distribution continues to evolve, there are ever-increasing electrical needs for warehouse facilities. As such, our design considers the likely needs of E-commerce companies for today and into the future.


INDUSTRIES: Industrial
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