Customer Fulfillment Centers

Multiple Locations

Helping America’s largest supermarket retailer bring jobs and fresh food to communities, AKF provided MEP design, lighting, and Fire & Life Safety consulting for three Kroger highly-automated customer fulfillment centers. Located in Monroe, OH; Groveland, FL; and Forest Park; GA, the facilities are all over 300,000 SF and equipped with cutting-edge technology that make them the first of their kind in the U.S. Kroger partnered with U.K. on-line grocery company Ocado to deploy revolutionary distribution technology to grow Kroger’s E-commerce and provide efficient delivery of essential goods to customers. AKF advanced this global partnership by determining key metrics and providing solutions that met U.S. applications based on European requirements.

The fulfillment center technology combines artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced robotics while prioritizing affordability and speed for the end-user. For MEP systems to successfully support and optimize Kroger’s operations, AKF’s engineers needed to first understand the process and logistics of Ocado’s groundbreaking technology. MEP systems had to seamlessly integrate with machinery while driving efficiency.

Optimizing facilities that enable direct access to essential items inspires us at AKF. These are more than fulfillment centers – they are places that feed communities. The effectiveness of our solutions in these vital direct-to-consumer centers establishes AKF as an engineering leader in a world where technology drives efficiency to better meet societal needs. Each fulfillment center is generating over 400 jobs that will enable Kroger to reach customers within a 90-mile radius and provide an alternative to in-person shopping. This project fully supports Kroger’s mission of “Zero Hunger, Zero Waste” by enabling efficient delivery of affordable fresh food and other essential to communities.


OWNER: Kroger
ARCHITECT: Ryan Companies
INDUSTRIES: Industrial
AWARDS: ACEC NY Engineering Excellence Diamond Award