Riverside Regional Medical Center

Simulation Lab, Advanced Wound Care Center, and CVIR

Newport News, VA

Riverside Health System (RHS) has been an important part of Virginia Peninsula’s healthcare industry since 1961. RHS has evolved and modernized its facilities over decades, catering to the community’s needs and changes to the healthcare environment. AKF has assisted RHS on multiple projects to optimize facilities and provide the community with enhanced healthcare services. RHS recently completed an expansion project at their leading hospital, Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC), which included an Advanced Wound Care Center, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology (CVIR) department, and the Dr. Brandon D. Rogers Simulation Lab (Sim Lab). AKF provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing / fire protection (MEP / FP) engineering design and construction administration services for the expansion projects.

RRMC’s first floor was renovated to accommodate an Advanced Wound Care Center (AWCC) and the adjacent space was utilized to expand the existing CVIR department. RRMC’s expanded AWCC is the largest and most state-of-the-art wound care facility on the Virginia Peninsula, featuring hyperbaric chambers that bring lifesaving treatment to patients. The expansion has almost doubled the hospital’s wound care patient capacity and provides burn victims and patients with other chronic wounds treatment options: negative pressure, casting, tissue substitutes, compressions, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The adjacent space was utilized to expand the existing CVIR department, including new cardiac cath / electrophysiology labs, endovascular suites, and a neuro interventional lab. Each lab is equipped with new, state-of-the-art imaging technology designed to enhance image quality, improve efficiency through faster image acquisition, and reduce the amount of radiation used during procedures. The department is also equipped with “Green Light” technology used to reduce strain on physicians’ eyes and enhance visibility during minimally invasive catherization procedures.

The Sim Lab enables medical professionals to practice high-risk procedures in simulated situations and gain knowledge and skills required for emergencies. As a training facility, the Sim Lab is designed to appear as an active patient space but complies with codes and standards for business use occupancy. The lab uses high tech interactive mannequins that simulate lifelike sounds, utter basic words, and sweat, bleed, and convulse to support student learning.

We are proud to have supported these vital healthcare projects that contribute to the safety, health, and overall betterment of the community.

Technical Statistics

OWNER: Riverside Regional Medical Center
PROJECT NAME: Simulation Lab, Advanced Wound Care Center, and CVIR
INDUSTRIES: Healthcare
AWARDS: ACEC Virginia Engineering Excellence Honor Award
Simulation Lab, Wound Care Center, and CVIR