Fenn School

New Meeting and Performing Arts Center

Concord, MA

The Fenn School is a private, independent boys’ day school located outside Boston in Concord, MA. The school was opened in 1929 and has a typical enrollment of approximately 300 boys in grades 4 through 9.

To expand the offerings of the school and provide their students with experiences, The Fenn School created a new Performing Arts Center to be used for various campus activities. The new Performing Arts Center includes a meeting hall, band room, classrooms, and support space. It seats 440 people and accommodates the needs of the music department, drama department, and the summer Fenn program. Sustainable design features include displacement ventilation, CO2 control, wrap-around heat pipe, condensing boiler, daylight harvesting, and an enhanced lighting control system.

Technical Statistics

OWNER: The Fenn School
PROJECT NAME: New Meeting and Performing Arts Center
ARCHITECT: Imai Keller Moore Architects
INDUSTRIES: Education, Arts & Culture
Fenn School